I'm A Little Scared


So I get that non-nutritious food can be fun. Food void of nutrition CAN be delicious.


I think certain things are okay in moderation. I think having a treat is fine sometimes (and as a vegan I think it’s important to have vegan treat foods available to show others it’s not hard or that different to be vegan- plus its saves the planet and the animals and can potentially save your health).


BUT I have to admit I’m a little scared about where our health is headed as a society.


We could go into statistics on obesity rates and rates of chronic disease but I won’t get into that. You can do the research yourself if you care to know.


But please notice for a second when you’re out driving how many healthy restaurants do you see compared to all of the fast food? Compared to all of the fast food and bakeries and burgers joints, etc.


How many supplement companies exist to help us get the nutrition we need because we’re not eating the foods humans are meant to be eating?


We’ve let food become our therapy and emotional pick-me-up, we’ve let unhealthy eating become a regular part of “culture” and “tradition”, we let unhealthy fast food be an excuse for running out of time, as a reward for doing something well, for exercising 3 hours, for winning a competition. We’ve let supplements and pills become an excuse to feed ourselves crap.


What if instead of trying to exercise enough to earn our extra food calories, restricting ourselves so we can binge later, and fixating so much on the things that aren’t helping our body, we focused more on how we can have a healthier relationship with nourishing foods? On how to have a balance instead of demonizing food groups? How to make healthy food more exciting and appealing and easier to prepare?


What if we spent all that time and instead focused on prioritizing healthy eating and just making it a part of our everyday lives? Making it the easiest and most obvious choice?


Our ancestors would literally spend hours foraging for food. Climbing trees, crouching on the ground, sometimes risking their lives to go out and get food.


All we have to do is stop by a grocery store and we have literally thousands of items at our fingertips. And even with all the options most of us stick with less than a hundred types of foods we eat within a year.


I think if we learn to appreciate the resources we have and our bodies for the incredible vessels they are, healthy living will be easier. I also think if we start to examine the world around us and the effect certain industries and products are having on our health, we can make informed decisions that are going to affect our lives long term.


Be empowered and learn what goes into your food. Do the research. Learn about Glyphosate and GMO’s and rBGH and the effect diary has on your body. Learn what your body is really asking you for and really needs to function optimally. Try healthy eating and I promise you’ll feel the difference. After some time you and your body won’t want to go back.


I hear so many people say they want to be healthier, say they want to look and feel different. But then they don’t change anything. But what is it going to take for you to start prioritizing your health? How bad does it have to get? How many pills are you going to need to pop every day?


We only get one body.


I’m ready to help you if you’re ready to live your best life.




Written with Love,







This post was written as a reflection and my current perspective on the state of health within our society. It’s my highest intention that we start prioritizing our nutrition and health (physical and mental) and wake up to the effects of the foods that surround us.


I understand healthy eating and living is not as readily available and accessible to all members of society. But if it is something you have access to, I hope to encourage you to make your health a priority.


If you’ve tried for years to have a balanced and a healthy relationship with your  body, exercise, and food, but for some reason have mental blocks that are preventing you from living your healthiest life, I’m certified in a variety of techniques to help you on the neurological level to eliminate the those blocks to free you to be the person you’ve always wanted to be.


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