Experience combined with Passion.

Hannah utilizes her success as a 2x Bikini Pro, years in fitness and experience with vegan nutrition, along with the most powerful neurological techniques to date. She is fully dedicated to her client’s results and success.



Breakthrough to the New YOU

Utilizing Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnosis, Hannah works with you remotely (or in person*) to overcome long-term and sabotaging behaviors that have been holding you back from achieving your desired goals and outcomes.

Recommended for those completely committed to total transformation. In 8-10 hours working with Hannah you can expect to let go of your unresolved negative emotions, limiting beliefs, integrate the parts in conflict (causing you to self-sabotage), install new habits and behaviors, and let go of anything else hindering you from your fullest expression of self.

Gain the clarity and accountability you need to rise up and become the powerful leader this world deserves to see.

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