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In Person Coaching

If you're in the Austin area, Hannah provides in-person coaching to set you up for success. Please contact for current rates and scheduling. 


Services Include:

  • Mindset Breakthrough (utilizing NLP, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnosis)

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Personal Training (schedule and location contingent)


Whether or not you need guidance on a healthy mindset and relationship to your body, or an exercise and nutrition plan,  Hannah has an option for you. She utilizes the latest tools and technology to save you time, money, and hold you accountable. 

Programs Offered: 

  • Mindset Breakthrough- Utilizing NLP, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnosis techniques, Hannah works with clients remotely (or in person) to overcome long-term issues with weight management, unhealthy relationships to the body and/or food, performance issues, and others that have been holding them back from achieving all of their health and fitness goals. Recommended for those completely committed to total health transformation.

  • Nutrition programs with a completely customized flexible meal plan- whether you eat plant-based or not. All nutrition programs include Hannah's Ebook "Vegan Recipes for Success" with over 50 delicious whole foods plant-based recipes for variety and inspiration. Each individual plan gives you freedom and options for your foods so that you don't feel restricted. All are created and customized based on the clients' goals, allergies, dietary restrictions, likes and dislikes, lifestyle, and starting point. Coaching is based completely on the client and where they are at in their journey. Hannah even has resources for you if you don't have time or a desire to cook! She will meet you where you are to design a program customized to you.

  • Fitness programs that fit your goals, body type, schedule and equipment access- whether that's working out at home, while traveling, or at the gym. Custom exercise plans are available for those who want a program completely catered to them, their equipment, and physical abilities. This is especially recommended for those with injuries, or special requests or workout needs. These programs also include bonus travel and home workouts, extra communication, and form analysis.


Here's an example of a sample workout in Hannah's Phone App. Exercises are broken down with a video demo, and number of sets and reps. Each client has the option to fill in their weights to see their progress over time!

Not only that, but Hannah is notified every time you log into the app, holding you accountable to complete the number of workouts you committed to completing each week.

Clients also have the ability to message Hannah and send videos of form through the app!

Receive a FREE Assessment and Road map to Results!


I only takes on select number of motivated individuals for programs to ensure the utmost attention and detail is given to each one. Fill out the form now so you can get your assessment scheduled as soon as possible before my schedule gets filled!


For individual coaching sessions or programs, please visit the "Shop" and purchase there.  

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